A Town Full of Traps?? The Demon on the Brink Awakens a New Ability (Chōnai wa Wana Darake?? Gakeppuchi Mazoku no Aratanaru Nōryoku, 町内は罠だらけ?? 崖っぷちまぞくの新たなる能力) is the fifth episode of the anime of the series Machikado Mazoku.


Momo accompanies Yuko as she goes shopping with her little sister, Ryoko, using the money she was going to pay off her debt with to buy her a camera. The next day, Yuko is tasked with keeping Momo's laptop safe until she can deliver it to Ryoko. Faced with getting past a dog, Yuko obtains a new Crisis Management transformation that ultimately proves to be pointless.


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