Anri Sata (佐田 杏里 Sata Anri) is a character of the series Machikado Mazoku. She is a friend of Yuko Yoshida and Shion Ogura and attended the same middle school with Momo Chiyoda. Anri is a member of Sakuragaoka High School's tennis club.

Appearance Edit

Anri has neck length brown hair and black eyes. She has fair skin, and is usually seen with her school uniform on. Anri also usually has her tennis racket with her.

Personality Edit

Anri likes to tease her friends, such as Yuko. She is seen often teasing Yuko, for example teasing her about how she misspells Shadow Mistress Yuko.

Anri also likes to give nicknames to other people. She calls Yuko 'Shamiko' (which is where the nickname Shamiko first generated), and calls Momo 'Chiyomomo'.

Anri is very informative; because of this, Yuko calls her "Assassin".

Trivia Edit

  • Anri's family runs a meat shop in the shopping street, so she often helps her family sell them. Due to this, Anri has an ability to sell things well.
  • She is helpful like an assistant. Whenever someone forgets to bring their stationery, Anri will have two pairs of them and let them borrow one.
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