Courage to Face the Future!! The Heavy Roller Won't Stop (Asu e no Ketsui!! Omoi Kondara Tomaranai, あすへの決意!! 重いコンダラ止まらない) is the sixth episode of the anime of the series Machikado Mazoku.


Lilith sends Yuko into Momo's subconscious, where she ends up tidying the dark muck surrounding her dreams. The next day, Momo comes down with a fever, so Yuko takes her back to her house to take care of her. When Yuko wipes some blood off of Momo's wrist and brings it home, she unknowingly breaks a seal on her house, giving Lilith the ability to speak through her statue. Losing some of her magical power as a result, Momo requests that Yuko help her protect the city.


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