Momo Chiyoda (千代田 桃 Chiyoda Momo) is a Magical girl in Machikado Mazoku who attends Yuko Yoshida's high school. Despite allegedly being the weakest among her fellow magical girls, she is incredibly strong even without transforming.

Appearance Edit

Momo is a tall lean girl sporting short pink hair with bangs that cut just above her eyes, and a large pink hair clip with an angel wing which helps trigger her Magical Girl transformation.

In her initial default outfit, she wears a yellow jacket over her school uniform, which consists a white and blue blouse and a blue checkered skirt. Momo wears knee-high socks with bright green crocs.

In her Magical Girl costume, she wears an all white and pink attire with peach-themed motifs. It consists of an elaborate choker, top, sleeves, skirt, and heeled boots decorated with several frills, ribbons and peach-sakura ornaments.

Personality Edit

Momo is a (superhumanely) strong and smart individual who is also skilled with meticulous tasks such as molding and sewing, but not cooking. Though she never admits it, she has a strong passion for cats and muscles training, so much that it affects her daily life. In general, she avoids any topic about herself, like her past, interests or powers.

She can be stubborn and easily bothered by remarks from other peoples or her own shortcoming. Despite this, she is very sensitive about other the situation of other people, and often puts others above her own well-being.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Momo means "peach" (桃).
  • Momo has scars on her arms and torso from her battles as a Magical Girl
  • Momo's surname Chiyoda means "thousand" (千) (chi), "generation" (代) (yo) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (da).

References Edit

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